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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Office Technology?

Offices use many different kinds of technology to fulfill everyday needs. When important technologies like the internet, phones, and servers fail, operations can grind to a halt. This makes it essential to know when to upgrade your office technology.

The best time to upgrade your office is before vital services break, lose support, or become outdated. Keeping track of manufacturer warranties, service calls, and ongoing problems with equipment helps decision-makers know when to upgrade. This ensures your business will be protected against potential threats and capable of withstanding unexpected problems and service issues.

What Types of Services Might Need to Be Upgraded?

Service outages, faulty hardware, and old software require constant attention. When leaders have to constantly focus on these problems, they have less time to deal with their core business responsibilities.

AngelCom offers a free assessment to businesses concerned with potential risks. With AngelCom, businesses have access to a wider variety of services that they can use to upgrade their technology from existing deployments.

Managed IT

Investing in your own IT infrastructure can be costly and takes time. With managed IT services, you can create a productive IT environment without the added overhead. Active monitoring, security, and recovery solutions give you all of the tools to handle your technology needs.

AngelCom’s managed IT services will give you the support you need to focus on your core business goals and objectives.


Cloud computing is an increasingly popular solution for IT that many businesses are taking advantage of. A cloud-based infrastructure allows you to leverage more powerful computing resources at a lower cost and with greater flexibility. This makes it easy to scale your business without having to make long-term investments.

At AngelCom, we offer integrated cloud services so your workforce can collaborate without fear of data loss or unexpected downtime.

IT Consulting

Business leaders are often ill-equipped to handle choices related to IT. Managed IT consulting services provide a reliable partner for decision-makers who rely on technology for their day-to-day functions. This allows them to efficiently deploy their IT services for their specific needs.

AngelCom’s IT consulting services give you the insights you need to plan, execute, and assess your long-term business strategy.

VoIP Services

Voice services are essential for businesses that need to communicate in real-time. VoIP services provide businesses with a simple and cost-effective way to add or remove lines as needed. This allows you to choose which features work for you and pay for only what you need.

AngelCom’s VoIP services give you custom voice and multimedia channels with functionalities including fax-to-email, voice-to-email, and call routing.

Computer Sales and Repair

Buying, selling, and repairing computers and computer equipment is an ongoing part of business IT. Investing in the wrong solutions can be costly and negatively impact ongoing operations. You need access to a reliable partner that knows the value of current models so you can get the best value.

At AngelCom, we provide repair, recovery, and networking services from certified technicians so you can get back to work right away.

Security Services

When working with data, businesses face a variety of threats across their network and devices. From viruses and spyware to ransomware and phishing schemes, countless malicious actors are always attempting to gain access to restricted systems. You need to know the latest security practices to ensure you can spot weaknesses and create solutions before it’s too late.

AngeCom’s security services are delivered by experienced IT technicians trained to discover and mitigate cyber threats before they become a problem.

Upgrading Your Office Technology Has Never Been Easier

Businesses shouldn’t have to look for IT solutions all on their own. With managed IT services from AngelCom, you’ll be able to protect your digital assets and manage your workforce with ease.

Our managed IT services allow you to reduce risks and improve productivity so you can build your long-term vision. AngelCom has been providing business IT services for over three decades. We’re your IT partner for navigating the world of technology.

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