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Top 5 Microsoft Outlook Tips for Maximum Productivity

Organizing the work environment can be a complicated process. But having the right tools and software for communication, scheduling, and task management empowers teams to get more done. Microsoft Outlook is a productivity suite that simplifies IT with a fully integrated set of services for every office environment. 

Companies that want to take advantage of Microsoft Outlook within their IT ecosystems should consider best practices when using it alongside existing workflows. This easy access allows them to get more done in less time, saving costs and making room for new projects.

How Can I Improve Productivity with Microsoft Outlook?

With Microsoft Outlook, managers, teams, and employees have a unified platform accessible from everywhere. On top of their desktop application, Outlook’s web-based features provide ultimate productivity. However, leveraging the full range of Microsoft Outlook’s features can be daunting to newcomers.

Here are 5 tips for maximizing productivity with Microsoft Outlook:

1. Create a To-Do List

When there’s a lot to do, it’s easy for some important tasks to be missed. Having a checklist or routine of some sort is essential for making sure all items are completed correctly and on time.

Microsoft Outlook makes it easy for users to create and manage tasks. Users can set goals and track progress all from a single location. To create a to-do list in Microsoft Outlook, select the “Tasks” icon and create a new task with a subject, date, and priority level. This setup can go a long way in improving productivity across the workplace.

2. Use Template Emails

When different users send emails, it may be easy to leave out important details or make poor communication decisions. Templating emails provides a standardized system for sharing and collaborating across the workforce.

With Microsoft Outlook, companies can ensure their employees have access to document templates for all of their communications. The “My Templates” add-in can be installed with the “Get Add-in” button in the top ribbon and allows users to easily format their own email templates. This creates a consistent look across the entire organization, providing a more professional feel.

3. Use Automation Tools

Mundane tasks make day-to-day work more tedious. Sifting through large pools of information and making decisions about how data should be used can be simplified with automated tools and processes.

Microsoft Office gives users access to powerful computing capabilities that they can use to sort emails, apply filters, and provide real-time alerts. To activate alerts, select “File,” then “Options,” and click “Mail” in the left column. On the page that it brings up, look for the “Message arrival” option, and check or uncheck the box, depending on your preferences. This can accomplish tasks like sending all emails from one address to a specific folder, greatly improving productivity across the workplace.

4. Check the Integrated Calendar

A busy workplace can be overwhelming, making it hard for employees to keep up with important events and dates. Having access to a shared calendar allows users to stay on top of meetings, deadlines, and other important time-sensitive information.

With Microsoft Office’s integrated calendar, companies can ensure all of their employees are working on the same schedule. Outlook calendars can be easily integrated into a variety of third-party applications and services for access from any device. This coordination ensures projects are completed on time and without unexpected problems arising.

5. Sync Contacts

Coming up with creative ideas across large teams can present some challenges to companies. Businesses should make sure employees are equipped to share ideas and complete their tasks more effectively with iPhone contact syncing.

Microsoft Outlook allows users to sync their contacts and stay organized. iPhone contact sync can be activated in Outlook by going to your account settings on your iPhone and switching the “Contacts” option on. By integrating iPhone contacts with their Outlook accounts, users can make sure they can communicate with their teams and share ideas no matter where they are.

AngelCom Is Maximizing Outlook Productivity

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