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I have a Dell 2335DN. I downloaded Stunnel from

This is installed on any host machine on your network. You use stunnel to create a SSL connection between your printer and (in my case) gmail or google apps or whatever email service you have.

The following configuration works just find for gmail and google apps sent directly from my printer.

Step 1: Find out your ip address for your printer and type that in your browser. This pulls up the printers configuration panel which is much easier than inputting the settings in the small monocrhome window on the printer’s face:

Step 2: Go to “Email settings” in your printer configuration window. The SMTP server is the IP address for the machine that you installed stunnel on. Your printer will use your local machine and stunnel as a proxy to send your file via gmail.

Step 3: I use Port 259 for SMTP and 1109 for POP3 (same ip address for each server SMTP and POP3)

Step 4. Input your gmail username and password for both entries

Step 5. Select the authentication checkbox for SMTP and POP3

Step 6: Install and configure your stunnel config file. You can just copy and paste the following and it will work fine:

–start configuration–

cert = stunnel.pem
socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
client = yes

[pop3s] accept = 1109
connect =

[imaps] accept = 143
connect =

[ssmtp] accept = 259
connect =

–end configuration–


Save Config File and reload through right click on systray app.

You will also need to add it to your startup