Small Business Server 2008 Drive Full Part 1.

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Here is what I have found to cleanup the C:\ drive on SBS 2008.

1st, if there are multiple drives on the server, for example a c:\ and a d: where the d: drive is a data drive and has lots of space but the c:\ drive is full then shrink the d: by double the amount of RAM you have installed in the server.  Take that unused space and create a new drive letter naming it P: or whatever.  Move the Page file from c:\ to p:\.

1.  To do this hit start, type computer and select computer management from search results;  Then click on Disk Management under storage.  Right click on the data drive and select “shrink”.

ProgramsDisk Management

Shrink Volume

2.  Select a size approximately 2X the size of the RAM in the server; Format and name the partition “Page File”

Double RAMPage File P

3.  Now Hit Start and right click on Computer and select Properties.  Click on “Advanced System Settings” and select the Performance Tab, click settings and then click advanced;

PropertiesControl Panel/System

Performance Options

4.  Click Change; Select the current page files and click no page file hit set, then select the new P: drive and click system managed and hit set It should like similar to below when you are done.

Virtual Memory

5. Hit Ok and reboot the server.