A best in class small business phone system is here

Small Business Phone System
Just because you are a small business on a budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for an out-of-date phone system. You need the latest features and technology to help you meet your business goals.

Angel Computer Systems Inc. of Tacoma, WA offers the Star2Star Business Internet Telephone System, featuring Cisco Small Business IP Phones. With the Star2Star solution, you get advanced business functionality and cutting-edge business features to enhance productivity:

Small Business Phone System• High quality + high reliability: Star2Star delivers quality sound with 99.99% reliability

• Multiple failover options: Makes sure your critical business calls get through, even if the power or Internet connection are down

• Bluetooth headset interface: Allows you to use the same headset for both your mobile phone and your desk phone

• High-resolution customizable color screens: Display ads to visiting customers and offer a messaging platform to communicate and connect with employees

• Savings of up to 50%: Let us show you how to get a new phone system and save money at the same time

Find out how Angel Computer Systems Inc. can empower your business communications today.  Call us at 253-584-5906