Network Security Services in Tacoma, WA

Network Security

Are you worried that a hacker or computer virus may put you out of business?

AngelCom network security & virus mitigation and removal services keep your business safe & secure from online threats. We create tailored security solutions that are built around your businesses individual needs.

If your business is in need of PC protection, data security management, spyware protection, computer data security, wireless network security, Internet security, network and data security or virus removal, Angel has you covered.

  • Secured Workstations

    To keep your network and data safe from virus, spam, phishing, hacker and other attacks requires a multi-layer approach to stay safe from day-to-day threats. We offer a broad suite of IT security products and services to help keep your critical data safe and secure. We protect all your Internet communications including email, web browsing and instant messaging. Our packages are customized to fit your businesses individual needs and budget.

  • Email Protection

    Prevent spam, viruses & phishing scams from reaching your business computer network. These malicious attempts are stopped before they are ever able to do any damage to your infrastructure; saving you money by preventing downtime and data loss.

  • Email Archiving

    Securely store, archive and search all email communications. Your authorized employees can retrieve any email for compliance or regulatory requirements in place across your entire organization.

  • Web Filtering

    Web protection blocks malicious web content from accidentally being downloaded and deployed across your business computer network. This enhances productivity by blocking threats before they ever reach your computer. Protecting your critical systems also helps reduce any legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate websites and content.

  • Managed Firewall

    Your firewall is an essential piece of your businesses information security infrastructure. We configure, maintain and monitor your firewall to keep your organization safe, secure and running at peak efficiency levels.

  • Intrusion Prevention & Protection

    An intrusion protection system works together with your firewall and further protects your network from attacks and potential regulatory compliance issues.

  • Wireless Information Security

    Keep track of who is using your network because what you can’t see, CAN hurt you. Your business needs to stay up to date with the ever increasing number of vulnerabilities today. We make sure your network is up to date and leak proof to protect your valuable business data and infrastructure from hackers.

  • Vulnerability Analysis

    Let us help you pinpoint weak spots in your network. To keep your business information security systems in line with the latest updates and threats, we perform ongoing, regular vulnerability checks. If we find issues we will recommend cutting edge expert solutions to keep your business safe.

Keep your business safe with Computer Data and Network Security that allows you to sleep sound at night.

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