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Managed Services

Does maintaining your business technology cost you more than it’s worth? With affordable computer network and server support from AngelCom, you can finally have your own personal IT department without the excessive cost of hiring in-house.

What are Managed IT Services?

Our Custom tailored Managed IT Services include one or more of the following services:

Managed IT Services allow small and medium sized businesses to outsource their IT needs in a cost effective way. Hiring IT staff or building an in-house IT support department takes time and a lot of money. Hired personnel need to be managed and paid wages and benefits. On top of that, how do you really know that they are doing what is best for your company?

Managed IT services cut overhead costs related to IT support and simplify IT operations for busy business owners. With AngelCom, you can have an enterprise level IT department at your fingertips for a flat-rate monthly cost.

24x7x365 Network Monitoring: This is truly at the core of Managed IT Services. Network monitoring allows Angel Computer Systems, Inc. to offer your business “unlimited support” for a fixed monthly fee while making sure that both the client and service provider are profitable at the end of the month.

Tech Vendor Management: AngelCom will act as your go between for all things IT related. Think about how much time you can free up by only having one representative to call for all of your business technology. We deal with all Internet & phone carriers, website hosting companies, computer & server manufacturers, printer manufacturers, software vendors and anything else you can think of.

Remote Help Desk Services: AngelCom Helpdesk support allows us to support any end-user in any location with Internet access. With the exception of hardware failure, this allows us to resolve support calls quickly and remotely in most IT issue situations.

Fixed Cost Unlimited IT Support: Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, its the truth! AngelCom can be your full time IT department for a small percentage of the cost of hiring a full time IT department. Downtime can cost a boat-load! Along with this comes credibility loss with customers, loss of work time, employees sitting around and work just not getting done. When you subscribe to our total IT management solution, you get us as your personal IT department for a fixed monthly fee. We only offer this because we are 100% confident that we can mitigate catastrophic problems that would cause a costly systems failure. Sign up with us to enjoy less stress and worry while saving money all at the same time!

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