HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Service in Tacoma, WA

HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

Healthcare IT Solutions that Comply with HIPAA & HITECH Standards:

Many health care providers and medical plans are still not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and time is running out to make this happen. AngelCom knows that your patients depend on you to provide efficient and up to date healthcare solutions. If you’re not in compliance, we can help you get there.

HIPAA and HITECH compliance

HIPAA was established to make sure that personal health information is kept safe and confidential. HITECH stands for the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. This act establishes federally mandated checkpoints related to implementing various health care related technologies. If you’re not in compliance, you’re at risk.

Angel Computer Systems, Inc. serves dozens of medical practices in Tacoma, Puyallup, Olympia & Seattle and we know exactly what it takes to implement new IT solutions designed to enhance your daily workflow while following the rules to keep you in compliance.

  • Administrative Safeguards

    At Angel, we’re familiar with what it takes to make sure your practice is compliant and safe from penalty. We perform a risk analysis to evaluate your system for potential risks and we’ll help you establish a contingency plan in case of disaster, data loss, system failure or other emergencies.

  • Physical Safeguards

    Angel certified security professionals will establish effective controls to prevent unauthorized access to private information, we monitor your IT equipment containing sensitive data and establish guidelines for proper transfer, removal or disposal of information media.

  • Technical Safeguards

    The Angel tech team will develop systems for your practice that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to systems by way of secure passwords, system encryption, unique user ID’s and automatic log off. We ensure data integrity with message authentication and digitial security signatures. To keep things secure, we conduct regular internal audits to identify privacy and security violations.

You don’t have to sacrifice speed and efficiency to stay within HIPAA & HITECH guidlines

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