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Data Backup & Recovery

You’ll Be 6 Steps Ahead of Unforeseen Disasters With Angel Backup & Data Recovery Support

Are you ready if disaster strikes your business data? Have you ever wondered what would happen if your office was hit by a large power surge? The right time to plan for the worst, is right now. Problems small and large can have devastating consequences to your critical business data.

AngelCom backup & recovery planning service gives your business the upper-hand in unfortunate situations by ensuring quick recovery and minimal downtime.


  • Backup & recovery planning

    Our services are tailored to fit your businesses individual needs and cover all of your critical data systems. We map out your path to data security by examining your systems and recommending necessary solutions designed to keep your business on its feet. To maximize protection each tailored plan will include best recommendations for server virtualization, off-site remote storage, data recovery, quick access to recovered files & email and 24/7 remote monitoring & management.

  • Server virtualization

    If your server goes down it could take hours and maybe even days to get a new server online. With server virtualization you get a complete mirror of your data, cloud hosted and ready to go. This cutting edge solution ensures that your server is up and running in within minutes.

  • Off-site remote storage

    For the worst case scenario. Ensure data security and regulatory compliance by keeping a copy of your data in a secure off-site location. Planning ahead with a cloud backup solution allows your business to avoid penalties, lost productivity, damaged customer relations & extended employee downtime.

  • Data recovery

    Offering both on-site and off-site solutions, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your businesses important data is always safe and sound and easily recoverable. On-site data recovery is a quick process and will be the go to method in best case scenarios. Off-site data recovery is the backup every business must have to stay alive in the case of more serious situations like flooding.

  • Quick access to recovered files

    No more waiting for days and days to get your recovered data. With Angel Backup, your important data is stored in the cloud and is ready to access from any computer when needed. No more worries thanks to proper planning.

  • 24/7 monitoring & management

    Once you’re all set up with our cutting edge backup and recovery solutions you rest assured that we will keep a close eye on everything. We monitor data backups to ensure they happen every day and are ready to go if you need them. If an issue arrises we know about it and can fix it before it ever has a chance of becoming a problem.

No more sleepless nights wondering if your business computer data is safe from disaster.

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