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Cloud Computing

What if Your Business Could Eliminate the Hassle and Excessive Cost of Office Network Upgrades For Good? With Cloud Computing, Now You Can.

If expanding, upgrading or refreshing your computer network  is on the agenda in the next few months, AngelCom has a superior way for you to get the modern day computer network you need without having to pay high costs or experience the problems and complexity that comes along with many IT upgrades. We’re proud to say that we typically lower our clients’ costs associated with IT upgrades and maintenance by 20% – 30%.

With AngelCom cloud computing and integration services you’ll find that your business can:

  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of system crashes, viruses, system slow downs and all types of aggravating IT problems. Your systems are stored, monitored and maintained in the cloud, ensuring minimal exposure to every day IT threats.
  • Receive near Instant data recovery in the case of a disaster. With server & workstation virtualization along off-site cloud backup solutions we get your business back on its feet within minutes.
  • Allow the freedom to work from any location, anytime and on any device. Empower employees with the ability to work from whatever location they need. Rest assured knowing that you can travel freely and your critical business computer systems are accessible when you need them.
How does this all work?

We’re able to deliver these types of results by utilizing smart & efficient cloud computing technologies. We simplify IT for your business and release you from the burden of expensive and complex on-site IT systems.

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