Search Exchange 2007 or 2010(maybe) for keywords in all mailboxes in information store

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2007 example
Get-Mailbox -Database “mailbox database” | Export-Mailbox -allcontentkeyword “keyword1″,”keyword2″,”keyword 3” -TargetMailbox Lawsuit -TargetFolder ‘Discovery information based on keywords’ -baditemlimit 1000000

In the above example the mailbox name I want a copy of all messages delivered to is

In the above example the folder under inbox I want all messages copied to is
Discovery information based on keywords

In the above example the number of corrupt messages allowed without terminating the process is

Run this command from Exchange Management Shell

Already have the mailbox setup for the Lawsuit user

Make sure the user running the command has full access to to the mailboxes this command will run on. In this case it’s the entire
mailbox store.

2010 example(This will delete all content from all mailboxes with the subject /jail/home3
search-mailbox -identity: “User name” -searchquery ‘subject:”jail/home3″‘ -deletecontent

get-mailbox -database “Mailbox Database on Server” -arbitration |format-table name,servername

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