Residential Computer Repair

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If you’re experiencing problems with your home desktop computer, laptop or Macbook – then there are a number of variables which could possibly be at play. While there may be a few unknowns happening within your computer which you must deal with, there is one thing that we certainly know. You’ll need residential computer repair. But don’t fret so soon. Residential computer repair can range from an extremely simple two-minute solution, to a week-long marathon of running computer repairs. If you’re like most computer users, your residential computer repair should just take about fifteen minutes.

Residential computer repair varies widely, depending upon the types of problems that you’re experiencing with your computer. Most commonly, average computer users who spend anywhere from 1-3 hours per day on the computer will typically experience a lot of the same, simple problems which many others also face.

Some of these common residential computer problems include virus removal, slow PC performance, crashing, freezing and loss of a wireless network connection.

Repairing many of these problems usually isn’t so bad. For some of the major fixes, such as more extreme cases of crashing and freezing – you’ll need to consult with professionals. But for repairing your basic problems of experiencing slow PC performance or loss of a wireless network connection, you can most likely take care of these issues for yourself in mere minutes.

Residential computer repair should always begin with a high-quality anti-virus scan & removal. Installing either Vipre or Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus should ensure that most of your computer’s viruses and/or spyware will be detected and removed. It’s surprising to see just how many small viruses most computers actually contain. This should fix some of your computer’s problems. Running your Disk Cleanup system tools’ should also help with your PC’s lack of performance. Additionally, installing two new sticks of RAM into your PC’s motherboard can greatly help to speed up your system.

Taking small but basic steps towards residential computer repair will greatly promote the longevity and durability of your home computer system.


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