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Quarterly Maintenance Audit: Why It’s Important.

The world of technology is constantly evolving, sometimes transforming rapidly, and it’s difficult for our clients to keep up on their own. Because of this, AngelCom IT Services proactively monitors our customers’ systems allowing us to identify most vulnerabilities before they become a problem. Part of this includes quarterly maintenance audits.

What is a Quarterly Maintenance Audit?

A quarterly maintenance audit allows AngelCom to take a deeper look into a customer’s systems, setup, and hardware to ensure everything is functioning as intended. For our full Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers, this quarterly service is offered for free with your contract and is our opportunity to proactively address potential security threats.

If your business is new to AngelCom, or you are a time and materials customer that isn’t regularly monitored, this audit is incredibly valuable. Consider the difference between having regular oil changes for your car versus waiting until you break down on the side of the interstate.  In the case of technology and your business, your loss can be a lot more than a call to the mechanic. Security breaches are responsible for data being held for ransom, a complete loss of data, or costly downtime and closures. A simple audit can ensure this doesn’t occur.

4 Examples of What an Audit Can Do for Your Business.

A Comprehensive System Overview to Ensure Efficiency.

AngelCom manually runs tests to analyze the overall system. These tests reveal specific vulnerabilities, such as printers or other hardware with a known vulnerability that can impact your network. Additionally, the report can also highlight weaknesses in the firewall, which make your network vulnerable to outside threats. Firewalls are initially configured to fit your business needs at the moment of setup, and it’s important to adjust these configurations as your business evolves.

An exposed hole in the firewall is like leaving your car door unlocked. It’s fine until the wrong person discovers it. If it’s configured correctly, it significantly minimizes risks.

Audits Minimize Cyber Security Risks.

We often encounter situations where customers forget to let us know about their new laptop purchases. They often say, “It slipped my mind, but it’s okay because it has the ‘free’ antivirus software already installed.” However, the free antivirus software that comes with the hardware is not as effective as our monitored antivirus solutions.  And once that free software expires, the system becomes vulnerable because it fails to initiate the corporate antivirus software. These types of issues are identified and resolved in our audits

Ensures You’re Not Overpaying for Licensing.

Part of a quarterly audit includes reviewing the Microsoft 365 licenses in a “user audit”, to ensure no users who have left the company are still listed as a “live user.” This often occurs because businesses want to keep an email address active for 6 months after an employee has left the company, but that’s usually forgotten and 2 years later you are still paying for that user’s email. A review of users in the system helps ensure you’re not paying for licenses you don’t need.

An additional benefit to this user audit is a verification of active employees. If you’re a current customer who had an employee leave, we can remove their access to the network assuming we know about the transition. If someone left and we weren’t notified, this is our opportunity to ensure they don’t have access to the network in addition to removing their 365 licenses.

Identify Hidden Risks with an Intelligence Scan

A risk intelligence scan is a type of internal scan that identifies potential risks hidden in files. It can also be used to uncover unpatched software.

For file scans, we investigate files and folders to identify sensitive or at-risk data that, if uncovered, could cost your organization money or compromise success. For example, this scan can identify an Excel document with social security numbers. A document like this is exactly what hackers are looking for, and our scan can identify and protect the document.

Unpatched software occurs when there is a problem with the program or code that the company is aware of but cannot or will not fix. Hackers use these security flaws to gain unauthorized access to a network and steal data. To remedy this, our risk intelligence scan will address any unpatched software applications with vulnerabilities that have not been fixed during updates or patches -whether automated or not.

A Quarterly Maintenance Audit Can Also Uncover

  • New technologies you may not be aware of.
  • Implementation of a disaster recovery plan.
  • Reviewing technology replacement schedules allowing PCs and equipment to be replaced proactively instead of waiting for failure or performance issues.

Proactive instead of reactive

As cyber security changes, so do our solutions. Scheduling a quarterly maintenance audit can minimize a business’ risk and allow us the opportunity to quickly address these changes. Depending on your type of business and number of employees, we may also suggest setting up a separate cyber security training course.

Our audit is an included service for our fully managed customers. For our time and materials customers, there is a fee associated with this service, but know that it saves time and money in the long run. If you are ready to schedule your quarterly audit, please email tickets@angelcom.com or call 844-516-2111.

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