Office 365 help & setup

As Tacoma’s leading provider of Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Angel Computer Systems, Inc.  has the professional experience to help your business make an easy transition to Microsoft Office 365.  Our expert team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm to help you and your organization get set up and to help keep you running strong.

With Office 365 from Angel Computer Systems, Inc., you will not have to worry about your email not syncing with your phone or making sure you’ve got the right licenses for your business. Office 365 will be of great service in helping get you and your team on track to manage your calendars, collaborate easily on important projects and get access to your files from any location and from whatever device you’re using.

Need help? Check out the help links below:

How to set up Exchange mail, calendar, and contacts on your iPhone and iPad


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