Moving WSUS 3.0 to new Drive

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If your original installation path for WSUS is located on a drive that is filling up you can easily move the data by following these instructions
Use the wsusutil.exe found in C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesTools

wsusutil.exe movecontent %content path% %logfile%

%content path% : The new root for content files. The path must exist.
%logfile% : Path and filename of the log file to create.

You need to create the directory on the new partition first and then use the utility with the following example:
“wsusutil.exe movecontent E:WSUS E:wsusmove.log”

Use the “skipcopy” command if you don’t want to move the content.. 
-skipcopy : Indicates that only the server configuration should be changed and that the content files should not be copied
“wsusutil.exe movecontent U:WSUS U:wsusmove.log -skipcopy”