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More Than Just a Backup – How to Safe Guard Your Data

When business owners think of data security, they often think of hackers or file corruption. But data security goes far beyond just these worries. This is especially true for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users who are saving their data on cloud servers.

The Problem

While Office 365 and other cloud-based file storage systems have made file storage and sharing much simpler, relying on their services alone is not enough to protect your business data. While a simple hardware failure is no longer concern when using online, cloud-based services, that doesn’t remove the need to create archives or backups in time.  These services also don’t protect against accidental or intentional deletion of files. While Microsoft has versioning of files and retention policies the typical M365 license does not have a traditional backup.

By relying on the cloud to save your data, you are only retaining information and can’t recover deleted files after 90 days. And if you work in an industry that has regulatory requirements that specify what you need to save and how you save it, now is the time to find a backup and archiving system that will protect you.

The Solution 

The solution we offer at AngelCom is a service called Dropsuite. Dropsuite is a safe, simple, secure, and affordable option for business owners.

It offers several benefits including backup of Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams with military-grade encryption, archiving, as well as quick retrieval of information, should you need it.

We work with our clients to determine what is needed to protect their information, and our team of technicians seamlessly integrate the program into their existing cloud-based system.

Why Dropsuite?

In addition to its comprehensive approach to protection, Dropsuite is also incredibly easy to integrate into your existing system. This is all managed and implemented by AngelCom, so you will notice zero or no disruption to workflow.

And if you need to find an archived or deleted file, the eDiscovery service is simple and easy to use.

But I Don’t Have Regulatory Requirements

You might not have industry-specific requirements like firewalls, access control, or encryption, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into trouble down the road. That’s why we recommend you use a service like Dropsuite to help protect your future self. It’s a level of due diligence that both your company and its customers deserve.

How Can You Get Started?

It couldn’t be simpler. Contact us today and ask how you can get started. 

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