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Maximizing Workplace Efficiency With Remote Monitoring and Management

As a business owner, it’s clear just how important it is for your network to run smoothly each day. Downtime caused by slowdowns, outages, and data breaches can be immensely costly, and having to wait for an IT pro to arrive to fix your problem can put a major damper on your productivity as well, especially if you have remote staff.

Fortunately, remote monitoring and management (RMM) provides a robust solution to these pressing issues. Not only does it allow you to get help right away, but it can often take care of your problem before you even know there is one.

What Is Remote Monitoring and Management?

Remote monitoring and management allows a managed service provider (MSP) to check on and manage your system without physically being on the premises. AngelCom’s RMM provides critical security updates remotely, often overnight ensuring minimal downtime or interruption.

Proper RMM software and platforms provide you with visibility into your entire network at once while also automatically and proactively detecting and resolving problems around the clock, which is critical for maximizing efficiency while being able to provide continuous monitoring and optimization for your systems.

RMM especially benefits business owners with employees working from home or in multiple locations, as MSPs can work on those systems without having to deploy personnel.

RMM Use Cases: Examining How The Service Benefits Businesses

RMM benefits business owners by ensuring the proactive handling of their IT issues. Several scenarios that demonstrate that benefit include the following:

  • Monitoring POS and medication dispensing systems and providing automatic software updates to reduce downtime and maintain security in a physician-owned medspa
  • Automatically detecting unusual activity on a hospital network and isolating the files in question to thwart bad actors and prevent HIPAA violations or data breaches
  • Helping a graphic design agency with hundreds of remote employees minimize downtime while switching to a new design workflow by efficiently deploying software to all of their computers at once
  • AngelCom customers have an AngelCom icon on their desktop where the RMM software allows them to click the icon to submit a helpdesk ticket directly to an AngelCom service agent

With the help of RMM, business owners can gain more peace of mind and greater productivity.

4 Ways RMM Services Help Business Owners Become More Efficient

Partnering with an MSP that offers RMM can help you become more efficient in your own business. Four ways in which RMM platforms help your team stay on track toward your goals are as follows:

1. Automating Management Tasks

RMM platforms automate workflows, meaning they proactively detect cyber threats, bottlenecks, and other network issues and then automatically deploy solutions that help resolve them.

These automated tasks work in the background to help keep your network on track, thwarting small problems before they become bigger ones, all without the need for any human intervention or the disruption of your workflow.

2. Providing Faster Support

The fact that an MSP provides monitoring and management for your network without the need to be on the premises means you won’t have to wait for a technician to be available to travel to you. Your MSP can gain visibility into your system from afar and offer you immediate support, which can be crucial in the event of an emergency.

3. Preventing Business Downtime

When your MSP is able to provide fast and proactive support, downtime is minimized for your business. If you’ve ever had a network outage or data breach, you know how costly those events can be, as they affect your ability to make sales and service customers. RMM can prevent IT problems from interfering with your business activity so your employees can keep working and remain productive.

4. Scaling Operations Without Hassle

With RMM, you’ll never have to worry about scaling your business operations. As these platforms streamline visibility for your MSP, they’ll be able to quickly and efficiently bring new devices into the network and set them up for monitoring right away. You can expand your business at any time without concerns about any part of your network going unsecured.

Remote Monitoring and Management Allows Businesses in Every Sector to Grow and Thrive

As a business owner, there’s no getting around the need to protect and ensure the optimal performance of your network, but it’s also vital for you to accomplish that goal in the most efficient way possible.

RMM offers the protection and maintenance you need without hassle or delay, in turn providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your network is always taken care of. From there, you can focus on what truly matters — serving your customers and providing them with the best experience.

If you have yet to take advantage of AngelCom’s RMM services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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