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IDE SATA USB 3.0 2.0 1.1 Speed Ethernet Speeds Throughput

12 Mbit/s USB 1.1
480 Mbit/s 60MB/s USB 2.0
4800 Mbit/s 600MB/s USB 3.0
100 Mbit/s Ethernet 100
1000 Mbit/s 125MB/s Ethernet 1000
1064 Mbit/s or 133MB-yte/s IDE
1200 Mbit/s or 150MB-yte/s SATA

My Tests:
Network Gigabit to Gigabit Average ~10-12 MB/s 720 MB/Minute
USB Super Talent 120x 16GB ~10-12 MB/s Write ~15-17 MB/s Read
WD 500 GB ~33 MB/s Write 1980 MB/Minute
USB 3.0 External Hard drive 1000 MB – 1500 MB/Minute
USB 2.0 External Hard Drive 500 MB/Minute

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