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Hybrid Work Made Easy: 5 Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Teams Working from Home

Working from a home office.

The workforce is changing in unexpected ways. While some predicted that positions would become entirely remote as a result of the past several years, and others believed that it would largely return to in-person positions, the reality is somewhat of an in-between, known as hybrid work.

Hybrid work gives employers and employees alike the ability to choose when and how they’ll complete their tasks, resulting in greater productivity all around, and in adapting to it, many companies have realized that Microsoft 365 is the perfect tool for bridging remote and in-office teams, making it a winning standard for the hybrid revolution.

AngelCom not only offers Microsoft Migration and Management services, our remote management model allows us to monitor and troubleshoot with employees even when they are working remotely.

Why Is Microsoft 365 So Beloved by Teams Working from Home?

Employees need the best support they can get to ensure their ability to collaborate, allocate work, and complete tasks on time, and it’s no different for those working on projects from home. Seeing as it offers so many great benefits, it’s no wonder that both employees and managers prefer Microsoft 365 for their hybrid work.

1. Reliable

Designed by Microsoft as a comprehensive solution to workforce management, Microsoft 365 contains a variety of applications and cloud-based tools that help manage workflows and create effective teams. Predictable pricing models, coupled with best-in-class software, make 365 one of the best tools to deploy in hybrid environments.

Organizations looking for a reliable productivity platform can easily get started with Microsoft 365. Whether you need it for video conferencing, word processing, or file sharing, you’ll have a product that will never let you down.

2. Centralized

Microsoft 365 allows administrators to control user privileges, groups, and available applications and services all from a single account. It is perfect for remote, in-office, and hybrid environments, as it gives your business an added layer of control over what information is accessed and by whom.

Additionally, for those who enjoy having all of their tools in one place, Office 365 provides access to all of Microsoft’s user-level services, including OneNote, Outlook, and SharePoint, allowing you to implement your hybrid solutions with the click of a button.

3. Scalable

It can be tough to manage a hybrid workforce as your organization grows, and things can get out of hand if you don’t have the proper infrastructure. Thankfully, with the right tools, you can easily design systems capable of scaling alongside you.

Microsoft 365 allows you to choose which services work best for you so you aren’t overwhelmed as you start out, and should you decide you need more capabilities, you’ll always have Microsoft’s entire suite of services ready to choose from.

4. Secure

Businesses face security threats on a regular basis, so it’s important to keep up with the latest best practices. With that being said, though, doing so can be especially difficult in a hybrid or remote environment, given that IT has to deal with individual users on their own networks.

Office 365 gives companies a way to protect all of their users from malicious behavior, making it a great choice for all work environments. Microsoft distributes its stored data across multiple geographic locations, protecting it from loss, and with ongoing updates, bug fixes, and improvements, you’ll be as secure as possible within their ecosystem.

5. Flexible

No matter what application ecosystem you choose for your hybrid workers, you’ll likely want it to feature cloud-based capabilities that can be accessed from any location.

Companies that need to connect with their teams, partners, and customers can take advantage of Microsoft’s workforce management tool to improve operations across the board. Office 365 is packed with features that take advantage of internal OneDrive storage, allowing businesses to operate with peace of mind.

Give Your Teams What They Need to Succeed

You and your teams need all the help they can get to succeed, whether you’re at the office or working from home, and choosing the right IT service can make all the difference between success and failure.

Regardless of the solutions you choose to pursue, it’s important to have a service that you can rely on in the long term. Microsoft Office 365 has all you need in a single place, making it a great option for companies that want to adapt to the hybrid environment.

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