How to Start Stop enable or Disable a service in Windows XP or 2003

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I ran into a situation where Shadowprotect was breaking NTBackup. As soon and the shadow copy service did anything my ntbackup job would fail and end abruptly. What I did was disable and stop the service at 11:05 and then enable and then start the server again at 6:45 in the morning. This way my NTBackup job would successfully run. Here is what I did;


1. Determine the service name
Hit Start>Run and type Services.msc
Double click on the service you want to make changes to
Highlight and copy the service name.

Determine Service Name

2.   Open Notepad and type in the following commands

net stop shadowprotectsvc
sc config ShadowProtectSvc start= auto

3. Save the document as stopshadow.bat

4. Create another notepad document with the following command

sc config ShadowProtectSvc start= auto
net start ShadowProtectSvc

5. Save the document as startshadow.bat

6. Open Scheduled tasks and;

set the start time for stopshadow.bat before your backup time
set the start time for startshadow.bat to start after you backup finishes

7.  Now you should get a successful backup if shadowprotect is breaking NTBackup.