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How Managed IT Services Can Reduce Costly Downtime

Today’s businesses rely heavily on emerging and innovative technologies to stay productive and deliver their products and services on time. Be that as it may, devices and applications don’t always run smoothly. On top of run-of-the-mill technical issues, businesses also have to contend with the looming threat of cyber criminals and natural disasters.

Instead of worrying about how much a period of downtime could cost you, it’s better to have a plan in place that can reduce and prevent it whenever possible. And a managed IT partner can help you devise such a strategy.

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in managed IT services, consider the following aspects to help you learn how they can help you keep network issues down and profitability up:

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

Most businesses have a typical closing time. And even when employees work overnight, they often do so without the help of their managers and/or other leaders.

That kind of business model is essential for saving money and using resources wisely, of course, but it also means that business owners and IT managers are generally unable to respond to issues that pop up overnight.

With a managed IT relationship, systems are monitored 24/7 alerting AngelCom if there is a problem ensuring your network is running and ready to go when your team arrives the next morning.

Proactive Threat Detection

Cybersecurity has exploded in significance for businesses in recent years. According to the World Economic Forum, ransomware attacks alone are up by as much as 50%. Add to that the rise of mobile device use among remote teams, as well as a cybersecurity skills shortage, and the perfect storm for bad actors to cause costly data breaches has been created. These breaches can result in devastating amounts of downtime for a system, especially if cybercriminals are holding the system for ransom.

The good news is that early detection can reduce costs and devastation associated with a data breach by up to one thousandfold. Having experts monitor your system and respond at the first sign of a threat is what gives you the best chance of containing it before it infiltrates the entire network. In that way, managed IT services can help you keep your system up and running and out of harm’s way.

Help Desk Whenever You Need It

Sometimes, downtime takes place on an individual level. Nevertheless, having just one key employee unable to use their applications can result in a massive loss of productivity and jeopardize your ability to get projects finished on time.

In response, managed IT service providers often offer help desk services for employees who are experiencing such issues. If you don’t have IT staff to respond to tickets or if your current IT manager is overwhelmed with projects and tickets, a managed IT partner can help keep your employees on track.

Backup and Recovery Planning

For most businesses, disasters come as a surprise, and they can result in critical data loss that renders their entire system unusable. While you can never know what tomorrow may bring, that doesn’t mean that your team can’t be prepared for it.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of investing in managed IT services is that you’ll be able to develop a system backup routine and recovery plan that will ensure your data is restored in a timely manner after an unexpected disaster occurs. It will guarantee the least amount of downtime for your business and ensure you can get back on your feet in record time.

Protect Your Bottom Line With Reliable Managed IT Services

Technological and cybersecurity-based woes can cost a business big time, but managed IT services can help mitigate these financial losses by ensuring its system remains up and running at all times. Not only does a managed IT partner help solve issues in real-time, but they’ll also take a proactive approach to protecting and optimizing your system, spotting small problems long before they spiral out of control.

While you may wonder whether a managed IT partnership with AngelCom is worth the investment, consider what your business stands to lose from unexpected downtime. With the help of a reliable partner, you can preserve your bottom line and your peace of mind. Contact AngelCom today for more information.

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