Think it’s time for new computer? Answer these 6 questions to know for sure…

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It happens all too often in the computer world. The time comes when you have to ask yourself... "Do I need a new computer?"

It's hard to let go. It's a total pain. The cost,  setting it all up again, having to call a tech guy to help connect to the server and setup printers,  etc, etc...

..all the down time during the transition.

But, it's moving slow, it's loud, sometimes it takes a long time to boot, files are missing...

None of this is fun and as a business you can't really afford lost productivity due to faulty or outdated equipment.

We have to make sure our computers are up to date and equipped to take on the modern business applications we depend on.

In order to maintain peak efficiency levels, business computers should be replaced every four years. But, maybe it's not time yet. How do we find out?

We can ask ourselves six quick questions to know for sure...

Answer the following 6 quick questions to know if it's time for a new computer

1 ) Is the computer older than 4 years?

2 ) Has the Internet gradually started to load more slowly?

3 ) Is the computer moving too slow for you to be productive?

4 ) Are you still running an older version of your operating system? (Windows or OSX)

5 ) Are you having trouble installing newer software applications? (System doesn't meet the requirements?)
6 ) Does your current hardware need to be upgraded? (Modern hardware you should have: SSD drive, USB 3.0,  Bluetooth capability, enough RAM, etc.)

If you said yes to 3 or more of the questions above, more than likely you need a new computer.

To know for sure, give your computer tech or IT support pro a call and ask them to check out your system.

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