Corrupt user profile in Windows Vista or Windows 7

In Knowledge Base Blog by angeladmin

If something doesn’t work in windows 7 and you login as a different administrator on the same computer and it works.  Chances are that you have a corrupt user profile.  To fix this you need to:

1.  Login as a different user then the corrupted account.

2.  Navigate to c:users

3.  Copy the corrupt user profile to a new directory so you have all the settings backed up.

4.  Open the Control Panel and Switch to Small Icons View

5.  Click User Accounts  then click Configure Advanced user profile properties and delete the corrupt user profile.

6.  Login as the corrupted account and it will setup a new profile then you can copy the favorites, desktop, My documents, My Music and My Pictures to the newly created profile directory.  There may be more settings that you find later especially if you use outlook.

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