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We’ve all shared the feeling of a sudden “drop” in our stomachs, as soon as something terribly bad occurs. And if you’ve ever lost some data that you needed to retrieve, you aren’t alone. Many of us have written 3000+ words of an important text document only to be cut off by a computer crash, freeze or total system failure. It’s not a fun situation to deal with, but most people unfortunately have been forced to deal with this at one point or another.

Data recovery is an important topic in the IT world because of the seriousness and vulnerability of modern data in the 21st century. Sometimes, the information that we store is so important to our businesses, careers, and even our own livelihoods that we can’t afford to lose information at any time.

Ultimately, data recovery is the process of recovering data that has been lost, damaged, corrupted, unreadable, or unattainable by regular means. How corrupted data can be recovered is a very differential process for each case, as the process completely depends on the murky factors behind how the data was actually lost. The software that’s used to perform data recovery is a factor to also take into consideration – as is the target media of which you’ll be using to transfer the corrupted data to. All of these circumstances play into how data can be recovered.

The good news is that corrupted data usually can be recovered. As briefly mentioned above, corrupted files will be copied onto a separate desktop, external storage system, server, or laptop in an attempt to retrieve and “fix” the data from a backup source.

Now, there are many desktop and laptop platforms which provide users with the ability to restore lost or corrupted data for themselves. There are also several “retrieval points” which are typically set in place so that users can always restore their computers back to a previous state. Data recovery has become a much more convenient and modern process, as time goes on.

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