computer repairAngel opened in 1986 claiming the title of First Computer Repair Shop in Tacoma, WA.  Angel’s skilled technicians will find and repair the cause of your computers lockups, crashes, errors and other hardware issues.  Anytime we do a computer repair we will also do a complimentary dust cleaning.  Ask us how we can increase your system’s performance.

Internal Computer Cleaning

Over time, the buildup of dirt and dust inside your computer is inevitable. This can cause extra heat inside the case.  Let me tell you something, your computer does not like heat! If not treated, this can lead to worse and more expensive problems like motherboard replacement.  You might as well buy a new computer then.  Lucky for you, we safely and properly remove any dust and dirt inside your computers case.

Operating System Errors & Fixes

Remember when you first got your computer?  It was fast and didn’t have any errors.  Well, as time passes computers tend to become slow and damaged with errors, freezes, and the horrible “Blue Screen of Death”.  Angel Computer Systems, Inc. computer repair Tacoma Washington can fix any of these problems with your computers operating system.  Give us a call now and tell us how we can help you.

Data Backup

When you have important data like pictures and music you need to make sure these items are safe. This can be accomplished with a properly scheduled backup.  We can set this up for you and do the initial backup and transfer of all of your important data. We can also backup your data to another computer or an external hard drive.

Data Recovery

Did you accidentally delete or lose valuable files from your computer?  Want to get them back?  Well you’re in luck, in many cases it is possible for us to recover most or all of your data from your computer’s hard drive. Sometimes we are even able to recover files from hard drives that have been reformatted. All data recover work is performed on site and usually with a quick turnaround time.  Drop us a line and tell us about your problem.

Computer Tune-Up

Do you have a slow computer?  Well then you should check out our computer repair PC tune up service. This is a complete PC checkup that will enhance your computer and includes the removal of unneeded junk applications and malware.  Angel’s complete computer tune up package will greatly improve your PC’s overall system performance.  This procedure includes a total check and update your operating system. We will also check your computers security and make recommendations to help you better secure your PC.  You can rest assure that with this service, your computer will be faster and more secure.

Operating System Upgrades, updates and Installation

Sometimes you come across issues like hard drive failures or really bad viruses that will require a complete system re installation  When this happens we will do a full hard drive wipe and operating system install.  Your system installation includes the download and installation of all current security patches and updates.  We will also install your software and common programs like Adobe reader and flash player.  If you want, we can also setup multiple operating systems on one computer or laptop.

Angel Computers is THE choice for computer repair in Tacoma Washington.  Give us a call at 253-584-5906
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