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Cloud Computing Services for Your Business

AngelCom offers cloud computing and integration services to upgrade and expand your computer network. With many businesses managing a remote workforce, it’s important to have files and company information accessible virtually, with minimal exposure to IT threats. Cloud computing offers a way to manage your business resources online without having to pay costs associated with many IT upgrades. AngelCom is proud to say that we typically lower our clients’ costs associated with IT upgrades and maintenance by 20% – 30%. We simplify IT for your business and release you from the burden of expensive and complex on-site IT systems.

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With AngelCom cloud computing and integration services you’ll find that your business can:

Eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of system crashes, viruses, system slowdowns, and all types of aggravating IT problems. Your systems are stored, monitored, and maintained in the cloud, ensuring minimal exposure to every day IT threats.

Allow the freedom to work from any location, anytime and on any device.

Empower employees with the ability to work from whatever location they need. Rest assured knowing that you can travel freely, and your critical business computer systems are accessible when you need them.

Experience cloud-based collaboration with Microsoft 365.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Reduce Data Loss

The chance of data loss from hardware failure is virtually null.

Cost Savings

Cloud providers supply the infrastructure instead of building it in-house.

Software Updates

Automatic updates reduce unexpected downtime.

Ensures Business Continuity

Removes dependency on outdated software.

Supports A Remote Workforce

Collaborating and file sharing is easier than ever.


Increase or decrease with ease.

Cloud Security

Security threats are constantly evolving and that is why it is important to work with a cloud service provider who can implement best practices to secure your data. Cloud security offers proactive security features, monitored day and night, with little to no human interaction required. Our cloud security protects your system from both internal and external cyber security threats.

Start Saving Money with Cloud Computing Today

Desktop As A Service

There are many ways to store data, but Desktop As A Service (DaaS) offers reliable cloud-based solutions for delivering your datasets. The benefits? You can access and process the information anytime you need it with minimal effort.


We monitor your system day and night

Microsoft 365

A flat fee for cloud based collaboration

When your business upgrades to the cloud, there are three key types of cloud environments.

Private Clouds
Technically feasible for an enterprise but can be cost-prohibitive due to the investment required in hardware and software and ensuring security standards are met.
Public Clouds
More secure cloud solution with cloud providers offering security and networking functionality but can be expensive to scale up as its resources are pooled with other cloud users.
Hybrid Cloud
Allows the best of both worlds by combining public and private cloud services to give businesses more flexibility and control over their data. It means that the IT department can tap into the benefits of the public cloud while having more control over their data.