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Change the Default Shares in Remote Web Workspace SBS 2011

A feature of Small Business Server 2011 is the Remote Web Workspace Feature.  By Default all Shares on the Small Business Server are visible on the server which may include shares that no users need to get into remotely like a Application Installation Folder or the QuickBooks share.  You can easily change what shares appear in the “Shared Folders” area of the Remote Web Workspace.

On the SBS 11 server open up C:Program FilesWindows Small Business ServerBinWebAppRemoteAccess (default location)

Right Click on Web.config and copy then paste to create a backup copy of the file before you start.

Open web.config in notepad, and search for SBSStorageProvider

Comment out the following line using <!– at the very beginning of the line  and –>  at the very end of the line for example see below.

<!– <wssg.storageProvider type=”Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Web.Storage.SBSStorageProvider, Wssg.Web.StorageProvider” /> –>

Then Add the following line just below the above line.  You can even add shares from other PCs, Servers, or NAS boxes on your network.

<wssg.storageProvider type=”Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Web.Storage.FileSystemBasedStorageInformationProvider, Wssg.Web.Internal” shares=”Server1Share1;Server2Share2;Server3Share3” />

(Replace shares with your own server and share names separated by semicolons)


Open Command Prompt as an administrator and type IISRESET then test.


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