CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Repair

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Many of us have a bunch of old CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs sitting around at our homes. Some of these discs may even contain important media footage such as your son’s first few steps, your own wedding, or even that crazy bachelor party that no one is supposed to really see except for you… Maybe you should just hide that one. But more commonly, you’ll have lots of movies and television shows that you’ve copied onto DVD or Blu-ray discs for late-night viewing.

But what happens when these discs get damaged? Can you afford to lose your data? Unfortunately, sometimes these things do happen.

When these events happen, CD, DVD & Blu-ray repair becomes necessary. If your discs are scratched, then it could solely be your discs which are at fault for the loss of media. These scratched discs tend to skip, display on-screen errors, and not work very well in general.

If your discs aren’t scratched, then it could be your optical drive which is at fault. Optical drives are the pieces of hardware which read your different forms of media (CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs) with the use of lasers. The optical drives’ lasers allow information to be written and stored on these different media types. Blu-ray drives use blue lasers to read and write information, and are the newest, highest-definition form of media. Blu-ray is optimal for viewing movies in ultra high-definition. CD’s and DVD’s are absolutely still used extremely frequently, but are a dying form of media, due to the mainstream ability to instantly stream a wide variety of media via the web.

When you need CD, DVD & Blu-ray repair, it’s best to first see if you can have the data from your discs professionally restored. The experts know exactly what to do in these situations. Alternatively, if your optical drive is malfunctioning, you can purchase a new one for re-installation, and attempt installing it yourself.  Hopefully you can perform your CD, DVD & Blu-ray repair without a problem, but if you need help, give Angel a call @ 253-584-5906.


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