Business Computer Network Troubleshooting

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business networkTroubleshooting your business network is a task that many entrepreneurs, managers, and even CEO’s of companies experience from time to time. When you’re running a full-time business, problems will eventually occur left and right. It’s not an easy process by any means. But business network troubleshooting is available, and it’s well worth the temporary trouble that you must experience, when configuring your business network.

Business network troubleshooting is essentially the process of finding and repairing problems with your business’ network.

When you’re running a modern day business, it’s likely going to require a very reliable internet connection. And when that internet connection goes out – bad things can happen. When this happens, business network troubleshooting is a must.

Troubleshoot 1, Let your workstation try to troubleshoot the problem:

It all begins with attempting to diagnose the problem with your business network. You can actually do this your self, by right-clicking on your internet access icon in the bottom-right corner of your tray. Left-clicking on “troubleshoot problems” and following the prompts can sometimes immediately fix your business network problems. This troubleshooting tool will attempt to scan, detect and repair any issues that your business network may be facing.

Troubleshoot 2, check modem, router cables and restart:

If telling your workstation to troubleshoot the problem doesn’t work, you should check your modem and router to ensure that all cables are securely plugged in. Restart each of these devices by unplugging power for one minute and then plug back in. This is sometimes all it takes to repair your business network.

Troubleshoot 3, call your ISP:

If you’ve attempted all of the above, and still can’t figure out the issues involved with your business network, it may be time to call your ISP. Speaking with your ISP can help to determine if there is a problem on their end, or on your end of the network. If the problem is on their end, they can remotely reset your business network connection for you.

Business network troubleshooting doesn’t have to be difficult, and it usually just takes 15 minutes to 1 hour of time in total. There is always a solution available for your business network troubleshooting needs.

Here are our top 5 small business network problems:

  1. Failing switches or routers
  2. Virus infestation
  3. Insufficient bandwidth
  4. IP conflicts
  5. Excessive network-based applications


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