Corrupt user profile in Windows Vista or Windows 7

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If something doesn’t work in windows 7 and you login as a different administrator on the same computer and it works.  Chances are that you have a corrupt user profile.  To fix this you need to: 1.  Login as a different user then the corrupted account. 2.  Navigate to c:users 3.  Copy the corrupt user profile to a new directory … Read More

Small Business Server 2008 Drive Full Part 1.

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Here is what I have found to cleanup the C:\ drive on SBS 2008. 1st, if there are multiple drives on the server, for example a c:\ and a d: where the d: drive is a data drive and has lots of space but the c:\ drive is full then shrink the d: by double the amount of RAM you … Read More

Removing Unwanted Programs from Windows

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So now lets look at cleaning up programs that are not needed that are running when your computer starts up. To Remove unwanted programs do the following:   For Windows XP: Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs. For Windows 7: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features. Now here … Read More

Palace Law Offices

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“We have been satisfied customers of Angel Computer for more than eight years. Not only do we utilize their services for business, but also for our home computers’ use. Being a mid-size office with the entire office utilizing a server – if something goes wrong, the office is at a standstill. We are only a phone call away for a … Read More

Stolz Northwest, Inc.

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“In 1994, I purchased my first grocery store and started my own business. Shortly after that I began using Angel Computers to help me with hardware and parts for the one or two computers I used in the store. In order to save money, I wanted to be able to make repairs and upgrades as needed rather than using “off … Read More

Destination Harley-Davidson

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What a relief to work with Angel Computer Systems. They listened to my requirements for my project and exceeded my expectations. Their knowledge of the system meant we met our deployment deadline without a hitch. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone for their professional approach to customer service and technical expertise.   Tom IT Director Destination Harley-Davidson … Read More

Gig Harbor Boat Shop

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“Angel Computer has been my preferred provider for all things computer-related since 1999. They have helped install and optimize networks, servers, computers and peripherals for me in both commercial (professional) settings and in residential settings. No job has been too big or too small, and all jobs get done right the first time. Angel Computer has not only been able … Read More

Flags A’ Flying

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“Our current IT person, Jeremy Brabham, is very good at what he does and has never steered us wrong. He is well educated, experienced, fair minded, listens to our concerns, performs the work that we ask of him and “tries” to keep us moving in the right direction, all while working with a budget constraint and with folks that just … Read More