Best Data Recovery Software In 2020

Best Data Recovery Software In 2020

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Any level of data loss is a highly stressful experience.

If you ever offer someone who has just lost data — be it due to a fault, accidental deletion, or otherwise — a quick way to recover it, they will always shout, ‘Yes!’

That’s why data recovery software is an essential part of all data recovery services. It restores deleted files and folders on your PC, android device, or iPhone, avoiding the pain of having to re-do lost work.

But while there are many data recovery options, not all of them will work as smoothly as you’d want during a crisis. Meaning the first step in creating a robust disaster recovery plan is to find software that does what you need.

In the event of data loss, select packages will help you recover as much of it as possible — as quickly as possible.

This guide shows you the best data recovery choices in 2020.

1. CrashPlan

  • From $10
  • Ease of use: Good
  • Backup included: Yes
  • Unlimited file size
  • 256-bit AES data encryption

CrashPlan was the one-time favorite of home users because its free backup solution did a stellar job. The CrashPlan team has now realized its caliber and they’ve created a CrashPlan for Small Businesses’ package.

CrashPlan is a stealth warrior that works in the background to make detailed backups of everything on your device, starting with the latest files. It then partitions items into buckets, ensuring quick access to the data that matters most.

CrashPlan even saves files you choose to delete (if you worry about security, don’t: backups use 256-bit AES data encryption, keeping every detail safe from prying eyes). And this feature is a godsend — especially if you mistakenly hit ‘Delete,’ or malware corrupts a file.

Many SMEs now use CrashPlan to protect their data from disaster. And while it may not seem like your typical ‘recovery’ app (it’s a data backup service, first-and-foremost), its breadth of disaster recovery services earns it the top spot on our list.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

  • From $69.95
  • Ease of use: Excellent
  • Backup included: No
  • Unlimited file size

EaseUS has named its data recovery package wisely: the software performs wizardry to recover your files in the bat of an eyelid. 

The platform’s ease-of-use is a real selling point, mitigating the stress of data loss as it guides you through the data recovery process step-by-step (resurrecting everything from the accidentally-deleted file to the malware-corrupted folder). 

EaseUS is also one of the few providers to include RAID setups in the standard package (many hide the feature in the premium version). And while you can find more sophisticated solutions elsewhere, you have an affordable yet reliable option in EaseUS

A one-month license costs $69.95. But who would choose one month of data security when one year costs $99.95? And with a lifetime subscription priced at $149.95, the upgrade offers great value for money given the range of features.

Even more so when you factor in the sleek interfaces, responsive customer support, and overall performance.

3. Stellar Data Recovery

  • Free version available
  • Ease of use: Excellent
  • Backup included: No
  • Unlimited file size

Stellar data recovery is another popular service that genuinely lives up to its name. The platform includes several scan options, allowing you to tailor every scan based on the type of data you’ve lost (this can save hours if you accidentally delete a file, then want to retrieve it without running a full system scan).

The platform also offers advanced search functionalities, simplifying identification — and extraction — of your most critical data. Plus, its data recovery services support all file formats and drives, recovering data from hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives. 

The main downside is the cost. Stellar isn’t the most expensive, but it is pricey. Plans cost as much as $299 per year, although most businesses can get by on the $49.99 standard plan — while the free service can be satisfactory for home users.

4. OnTrack EasyRecovery

  • From $49
  • Ease of use: Good
  • Backup included: No
  • Unlimited file size

OnTrack EasyRecovery does exactly what it says: it gets you back on track thanks to its powerful disaster recovery solution.

You can test the service using the free version. However, the limited 1GB of data recovery isn't going to be all that helpful in the long run. Instead, choose the option covering all your potential data recovery needs and insulate yourself against any threat of data loss.

The ‘Home’ package recovers files and folders you delete by accident (and you can use it to retrieve a file that’s been corrupted by malware). The ‘Professional’ package includes the creation of disk images — while the ‘Premium’ version can recover corrupted videos and photos.

If you need something more powerful, the ‘Technician’ and ‘Toolkit’ allow for lost or reformatted RAID volumes. But you need a commercial license to use these for business purposes and cover Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

As you’d expect, the prices rise according to the volume of data you want to protect — and the advanced tiers can seem expensive...

However, the cost is immaterial when your data is on the table.

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