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Angel Computer Systems, Inc. has provided top notch IT support for individuals and business in Washington state since 1986; supporting a wide level of IT solutions including network support, remote support, computer repair, star2star VOIP phone systems,  small business server, web development & design, SEO & UX, web hosting and much more.

Our Mission

Angel Computer Systems mission is to enthusiastically and competently administer quality IT service so that we continue to deliver the kind of results that our clients expect and deserve.

Jeremy Brabham – President

Tacoma native, Jeremy Brabham is a Microsoft Certified Professional, computer network guru, scoutmaster and lover of all things outdoors. During his busy workday, this super tech can be found on site designing business network architecture, teaching new techs how to build and install servers, monitoring client systems and strategizing Angel’s next steps. When Jeremy isn’t solving the worlds IT problems he enjoys spending time with his family, brewing beer, backpacking and spending time on the water of the Puget Sound.

Norm Metcalf – Accounting

Born in Wyoming, raised in North Tacoma, Norm Metcalf is an esteemed accounting and payroll VIP, voracious movie critic, former USMC and proud grandfather. During the day to day hustle and bustle at Angel, Norm can be found at his desk answering hundreds of phone calls, overseeing legal tender in and coin out, as well as ensuring that all of Angels employees are properly compensated on pay day. When Norm isn’t administering Angels cash flow, he enjoys a weekly escape to the cinema, volunteering at 5th Ave Theater & Seattle Shakespeare Co, and spending time with his grandson.

Cory Pedersen – Network Engineer

Washington local and half android, Cory Pedersen is a Microsoft Certified Professional, programmer extraordinaire, expert gardener and outdoor enthusiast. On any given work day, this pro computer tech can be found putting out fires on location at any one of our clients businesses, writing thousands of lines of code and automating everything in site. When not at work, Cory enjoys spending time with his family, perfecting his home garden & enjoying fellowship with friends.

Shawn Myers – Web Developer, SEO Expert, Senior Digital Analyst

Texas born, Washington raised and now living in Maine, Shawn Myers is a web development expert, pro computer tech, dog lover & dedicated family man. During the busy work week, Shawn can be found nose deep in PHP, HTML & CSS, leveraging SEO & UX to help businesses get found online, managing Google AdWords campaigns and working remotely to solve life or death tech issues. When not at work, Shawn enjoys working on projects at home, walking his dog and spending time with his wife and kids.

Alexandria Kling – Billing, Inventory Manager, Computer Tech

Tacoma Native, Alex Kling is a billing superstar, inventory wizard, computer tech extraordinaire, world traveler & musician. On a normal day at work, Alex can be found sending out mountains of invoices, organizing and counting hundreds of tech products, building lightning fast computer systems and troubleshooting complex technical issues. Outside of work, Alex is a full time student, she enjoys singing, song writing, playing piano & guitar, traveling the globe and spending time with her family and friends.

Heidi Handshumaker – Information Specialist, Computer Engineer

Born in the Northwest and raised in Stanwood, Heidi Handshumaker is a star computer engineer, computer administration expert, sports enthusiast, lover of outdoors & dedicated mother. During her busy work day, you can find Heidi onsite supporting our valued clients, working remotely on challenging network issues, cleaning up pesky computer viruses, maintaining vital software & solving crucial hardware issues. When not at work, Heidi enjoys spending time with her wonderful kids and family, playing competitive sports, hiking the peaks of the Cascades, and fishing the waters in and around the Puget Sound.

Don Brabham – Founder

Northwest born and raised, Angel Computer Systems, Inc. Founder, Don Brabham is a computer tech support wizard, visionary, avid camper and devoted family man. Officially retired in 2017, Don is now doing whatever he wants. He enjoys spending his time with his family, exploring the USA in his camper with his wife Sue and traveling the globe in search of the world’s best margarita.

Gabriel – I’m not a moose! Angel Computer Systems, Inc. unofficial, official mascot.

During the busy work day (and nights & weekends) at Angel, Gabriel can be found looking over the whole operation, keeping a keen eye on all of the activities that take place at Angel. 500 pounds of pure British Columbian caribou, Gabriel was sourced above Dawson Creek, 25 miles into the woods from the 125 mile marker on the remote Alcan highway. No easy feat in 1969; back then, the Alcan highway was a 1 lane (if you were lucky) dirt road. To get to Gabriels exact location, from camp, it was a 10 mile ride on horse back and a 2 mile vertical ascent, on foot, up the mountain.

Pro-tip:  If you don’t ride horses all the time, acclimate yourself by riding horses several times before riding as far as Don did to get to Gabriel. The day after he found Gabriel, Don had to help his dad get on his horse and wishes he had someone to help him. To this day, 46 years later, Don still shivers at the thought of getting back up on that horse. 

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