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Light Status Information for the 3 Light 100-1800 series 2Wire HomePortal Modem.

Light Status Reason Solution
All three lights off. Power is Off. Turn on Power.
All three lights solid green. HomePortal is functioning properly. N/A
All three lights are flashing orange in series. HomePortal is upgrading. Do not power cycle during upgrade. The upgrade make take up to 15 minutes. N/A
All three lights solid red. HomePortal has detected a permanent error. Power Cycle. If this continues, it could be a hardware failure issue.
Power light is flashing green. System is booting. Wait for system to finish booting.
Power Light is solid green. Power is on. N/A
Power Light is flashing red. Power was just turned on. Wait for system to boot.
Power light is solid red. Failure during boot test. Power cycle, if it doesn’t work, could be a hardware failure.
Broadband Link light is off. Broadband link is not provisioned or provisioned broadband is not detected. Enter correct key code. If problem persists, verify physical wiring and check key code again.
Broadband link is flashing green. Broadband link is initializing. Wait for the broadband link to come up.
Broadband link light is solid green. Broadband link is up. N/A
Broadband link is solid red. Broadband link failure or wrong. Power cycle. Verify key code. If problem persists, configure LEC, ISP information.
Home network light is off. No devices on the network. Connect devices to the home network.
Home network light is solid green. Home network devices are connected. N/A
Home network light is solid orange. If your light status is Green Green Orange you have disabled routing (often referred to as Bridge Mode) meaning there are no IP services active on the 2wire. N/A


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